Bag Making Machine factory


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Jul 24, 2019
Technical parameter
Model TCJ-HZ-300C
Materials PVC,PET
Film thickness 20-80 um
Width of unwinding 60-600mm
Max.Unwinding diameter Φ450mm
Rewinding width 15mm-260mm
Max.Rewinding diameter Φ700mm
Max speed of Machine 300m/min
Power 3 Phase 380V/50HZ
Supply Power 5KW
Dimension 3230*1310*1550mm
Weight of whole Machine 1000Kg
This machine is mainly for making label on drinking bottle.
1. Unwind powder brake
2. Air shaft
3. Whole machine PLC control with touch screen
4. Unwind EPC
5. Air extrude device which can makes small holes on the film,when the film shrink,the air will go out through the holes.
6. Pump gluing system, it is controlled by PLC,it will keep same speed with machine.
7. Stroboscope device which can inspect the gluing condition
8. Main motor inverter control
9. Meter counter and static eliminating cord

Label Sample:
Bag Making Machine factory
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